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Long Arm Quilting

We are a drop off/pick up location for Final Stitches long arm quilting. Just bring in your completed top and backing and Debbie will quilt it on her computerized Gammill long arm machine. You get to pick the thread color and quilting pattern from a large list of options. Debbie offers three choices in batting: Hobbs 80/20 blend, Hobbs 100% cotton, and Pellon 8/20 blend. Batting is $8.00 per yard.

Backing needs to be at least 4” larger than the front on all four sides. 

Price is 1.25¢ per inch (Length x Width x .0125=$ to stitch) + batting = total cost of quilting.

There is a $30 minimum fee for any project. Payment must be made in the form of cash or a check with ID.